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Your creativity is precious. There is a way to secure it and make it profitable.


Copyright safeguards and enhances, creative work.

In addition to the more traditional artistic work, such as literature, music, figurative arts, architecture, theatre and cinema, the constant development of the manifestation and representation of creativity has led to the extension of the scope of copyright protection. Now, it applies to creations that may belong to industry, such as design and software, provided that they meet certain criteria.

Enforcement of the protection granted by copyright, starts with the creation of the work itself, so it should not be necessary to register your work. however, the difficulties of proving creation dates and the actual infringement of the right make the registration useful for assuring a certain date to your creative.

We support you in the choice of the best strategy for the proper protection of copyright and ensuring/to ensure the best protection of your work.

We can support you in:

  • Assistance and advice for the development of the work
  • Filing applications with siae
  • Judicial and extrajudicial actions