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Stefano Cantaluppi

Founding partner, member of the Board of Directors, patent and trademark attorney

Stefano Cantaluppi

Today more than ever, the intangible assets of a company are of essential importance. Their value may be, even greater than other (assets). We learn this from the media: consider, for example, the rumors that are generated around patents filed by Apple before the release of a new product; or the major legal battles involving companies and their inventions!

I would also like to mention Bruno Murari, a person who created great technological innovation in our country. He said: “Inventing is a timeless activity”. This sentence is like a short poem to me. It is simple but meaningful, and full of evocative power.

Some of the inventions we help protect are just as important to our clients as they are to us. We see the value and potential of these inventions and how they can improve our everyday life.

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