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Tommaso Cavallin

Patent Attorney

In my experience in the Industrial Property sector, I have had the opportunity to deal with various aspects relating to the protection of inventions, utility models and designs at a national and international level, fostering the creation of a virtuous circuit that would allow my clients to develop an increasingly fine-tuned sensitivity to industrial property issues, feeling that they are an integral and valued part of the process of defining their own intangible assets. In addition, my focus has also always been on defining the best protection strategy, in obtaining patents in the countries of the world of interest, and in defending and assisting during examination and litigation in connection with potential infringement of patent rights present.

I believe I have a technical background developed through direct experience cultivated in research and development and university teaching that allows me to effectively approach clients’ technical considerations, and I always find it important to be able to create a relationship of trust in which the formulation of a concrete strategy for the protection of ideas and innovations is perceived as the essential priority and the unavoidable goal.


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